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A network of American schools, we are inspired by the best educational concepts from around the world: the freedom to choose subjects, individual approach, 科目按能力划分, emphasis on practical learning, 基于项目的学习和主题周. 所有的课程都用英语授课,并由来自世界各地的老师带领. 


美国学院是布拉格的12bet手机版入口, Brno, 布拉迪斯拉发和萨格勒布都是由一个单一的教育愿景联合起来的. We take an individualized approach to our students and expect the highest levels of professionalism as well as a willingness to listen from our teachers.

确保持续改进, 定期对家长和学生进行匿名满意度调查. 感谢这种对反馈的开放态度, the American Academy -- especially over the past two years -- has seen minimal turnover in teachers and students when compared with other international schools.

The highest priority of American Academy is to lead the students towards great academic achievements through a quality program that prepares. Thanks to that our students achieve above average results compared to their peers and are accepted at prestigious universities all around the globe.

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一年级到五年级的学生上英语课, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, art, 体育和图书馆技能. 课程全部用英语讲授, 如何让学生顺利过渡到我们的中学.


中学课程在捷克相当于6 - 8年级, 斯洛伐克和克罗地亚的教育体系. It offers students a diverse range of subjects on which they can exercise a certain amount of choice so that they can focus more on the areas that really interest them.


High School students work to develop their strengths and focus on subjects that prepare them to study their dream disciplines at quality universities. High School has four grades and corresponds to the Czech 9th grade of elementary to 3rd grade of high school, so American Academy students leave school a year earlier than is common in the Czech Republic.


The STEM Program is available on Prague and Zagreb campus and is designed for Middle School and High School students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 在这个专门的教育项目中, 我们让学生熟悉最新的技术, informatics and scientific methods and at the same time show them how to apply them in everyday life.

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美国学院是一所培养未来领袖的12bet手机版入口. 我们独特的美式课程和项目式学习相结合, 我们教授的不仅仅是学术知识. We put a significant emphasis on developing the social and practical skills necessary for a successful life in the 21st century. American Academy is a place where students are able to explore and maximize their potential.

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for 2023/24 academic year

American Academy is a school that develops students’ talent and character in a safe and friendly environment where children will be happy to go to every morning.

我们随时接受申请。 the whole academic year. 您可以通过电子邮件或邮寄方式提交申请. 

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你想知道更多关于在美国学院学习的真正意义吗? 我们的团队将很乐意回答您的所有问题. 



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